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N12 - The Community Shop Dumfries

admin admin  •  2021-04-08  •  Nithsdale  • 


Investment project code: 265

Job Title - Shop Manager Post 

Amount Requested = £15,000.00 

The Community Shop Dumfries & Galloway is a not for profit social enterprise.  Our slogan is " Supported by the community for the benefit of the community " true words spoken. It has been running for 5 years and has helped support many local organisations and hundreds of people in our town. In times of hardship the shop has helped people get through the toughest times , just that bit easier. We know it's appreciated! We have had many volunteers from all walks of life and for a variety of reasons. Working alongside people whom for whatever reason just need a lift , a bit of encouragement.  Having the chance to build up confidence as well as transferable skills and feel good about themselves in a friendly environment. These are key attributes that many people long for to get them to the next stage. Everyone is good at something, it's taking time to find it with people that matters.  The shop is simply like no other, a vital part of the community. A place that frequently guides and signposts people in many ways. A wealth of information for many a real team effort that creates a ripple effect of goodness throughout. Seeing our volunteers grow and progress is a true testament to the dedication  given by many. In addition to our loyal supporters who donate  unwanted goods. Helping us all to reduce waste and landfill and therfore also helping to save our planet. Such a lot of greatness from so many all of which says so much about our town and the people in it. None of which would be possible without the  guidance and planning provided by the dedication of the shop manager.  In such uncertain times the services at the shop are needed more now than ever before.  Like so many places without support and  Funding we will simply not be able to survive. 


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