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A6 - Newstart Recycle

admin admin  •  2021-04-08  •  Annandale and Eskdale  • 


Investment project code: 255

Job Titles - Customer Service Team Leaders 

Amount Requested = £15,000.00 

The funding will provide the opportunity to fund existing volunteering posts where no funding has been in place and volunteers give of their time voluntarily. The objective will be to create new posts, ensure sustained provision of existing volunteers and more importantly provide for succession planning for future replacement of the two Directors

From one DG Home to another  

Newstart’s vision is to provide a local led solution to local problems and demonstrate financial self sustainability. The team collect donations of second hand furniture and household goods from the public and local organisations and from the many household clearances that we undertake. The social enterprise offers every conceivable household item for sale at much reduced cost, which helps fund the project and provide affordable help and support in the fight against poverty and homelessness. Approximately 30% of goods that we collect are provided free to families and individuals on referrals from their support groups.

Newstart has become a vital tool in the peoples fight against Poverty. In our experience the benchmark – the Poverty zone- are people and families in our community that are unable to meet their Basic needs in a sustainable way. We have testaments and Case studies that clearly evidence how we helped them overcome that challenge. Removing the stigma of seeking help is vital and DG Councils anti-poverty strategy polices underpins Newstart’s aims and objectives and are central to our processes and systems. 

We now have another unit to complement our free school and baby wear.  A warm winter clothing room offers free clothes, shoes, blankets for all ages! This has been a huge success. Over 22,000 items have been donated and 12,000 items given out.

A successful partnership was developed with Gretna Gateway who now collect donated goods for our free Unit. They created and provide a shop unit for the very purpose of collecting clothes, both new and used. A link exists on their Web site and Social media site. Before lockdown one post achieved 37k views! Even in the current lockdown situation we are collecting a Van full of Goods this month.

A further room at our Warehouse now provides a complete range of mobility equipment, wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, rise recline beds and chairs. These are mainly collected at house clearances. Again, these are loaned out free of charge. We currently have 39 wheelchairs loaned out! 

We currently work with partner organisations and respond to their requested referrals for disadvantaged on an almost daily basis. The groups include DG Social services, Community Link workers, Sonas, DGHP, Loreburn, British Legion, SSAFA, Women’s refuge, SW Scotland rape crisis abuse centre and most local Care homes and Shelter.

By providing every kind of essential household items either at very reasonable cost, payable free of interest, or (on referral from support groups) completely free, we help the vulnerable to become independent. It is crucial that we plan for this to continue and this will not be possible without recruiting staff to deliver this.



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