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N4 - Lift DG

admin admin  •  2021-04-08  •  Nithsdale  • 


Investment project code: 254

Job Title - Finance and Admin officer and Volunteer Co-ordinator and Project Planner  

Amount Requested: £10,654.20

LIFTDG is a community driven company that currently works with other organisations to help families and individuals that are in need by providing food parcels, household goods and clothing. We have two shops based in lochside where we take donations and members of the public can also come in and purchase items for £1. Any funds raised get put back into the local community to be able to organize free events, trips and weekly workshops for all different age groups in the local area. With the current pandemic we have been unable to organize large group events due to government guidelines but we are currently doing online activites via Facebook where we have recruited local individuals and business to take part. Volunteers play a big part in our organization and they do the day to day running of the shop, help with organising events, and delivery of food parcels. We have a lot of experience in the past delivering different projects in the local area such as the Lochside Gala, Easter Funday and Christmas and Halloween parties.   We have two paid posts within the organisation and this is the Volunteer Coordinator (28 hours per week) and the Admin and Finance Officer (11.5 hours per week). The actual hours that are worked are higher but funding does not allow for the hours to be increased at this moment in time. We have seen a large increase of people in need due to people being made redundant, furloughed or unable to apply for jobs at this moment in time. Domestic abuse figures are also on the rise which has resulted in individuals/families leaving their family home with nothing and we are helping to provide them with items, clothing etc. to get them back on their feet again. With guidelines hopefully starting to ease soon we are starting to plan events again on the hope they go ahead and because of the publicity we have received we are also getting more enquiries from people offering to volunteer with us. Our workload is increasing and we would like salaries to reflect this.  

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