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A3 - Kates Kitchen

admin admin  •  2021-04-08  •  Annandale and Eskdale  • 


Investment project code: 239

Job Title - Community Engagement Worker 

Amount Requested = £11,009.00 

It has always been an aspiration of Kate’s Kitchen to have a Champion to spread the word about all of the good work we can do to support individuals to make their way out of poverty and improve their health and well-being.  Our aim is to empower people to “do for themselves” reach their full potential and ultimately improve their day to day quality of life.  Having the opportunity to employ a part-time Community Engagement Worker will do just that.  The worker will:-

     Engage with local organisations, schools, GP’s      Organise events to promote Kates Kitchen      Use Social Media to further Kates Kitchen objectives      Work with local media to further our objects.


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