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Aberlour Childcare Trust - Aberlour Communities2gether

admin admin  •  2020-02-26  •  Annandale & Eskdale  • 


Investment project code: 85

We are applying for monies to purchase a single fronted glass fridge to sit in the reception area of our Springbells building at Hospital Road Annan. The fridge would be our second Community fridge within Dumfries & Galloway. We operate a successful community fridge in our Communites2gether building in NW Dumfries. A community Fridge supports a dignified response to food poverty ,members of the public can donate food /obtain food a required, we believe the glass fronted fridge will allow people to see at a glance what is available and the type of produce people donate.

We also propose to purchase a glass fronted freezer to stand alongside the fridge in reception for certain items to be frozen and so, have a longer shelf life.

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