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Annan Athletic Ladies and Girls FC - These Girls Can

admin admin  •  2020-02-26  •  Annandale & Eskdale  • 


Investment project code: 81

After receiving multiple requests from both parents and girls to start a girls football team, we set this up in September 2019. Like the women, the numbers of girls training has been steadily increasing. Each week they come, enthusiastic and eager to play football. We are aware however that with many local families living on a low income or in poverty, the costs may preclude some girls. We would like to be able to respond positively to the need identified by our local community and offer a block of 30 training sessions free for girls. Being able to purchase kit and equipment which could be used at different age groups would enable us to support the girls and fulfil their wishes of training and competing like their male peers do. It is imperative that our girls grow up believing that they can be or do anything they wish in life, including a talented footballer! Annan Athletic certainly believes that 'These Girls Can!'

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